Woman Finds Diamoind Engagement Ring On Carrot After 13 Years

Most dream of a 24-carat gold engagement ring… but one woman was merely thrilled to find her own one-carrot band.

Mary Grams, an 84-year-old from Canada, was astonished to be reunited with her engagement ring she lost 13 years ago after it re-emerged with a misshapen vegetable growing through it.

Her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, pulled the carrot – with the ring around it – while collecting vegetables for dinner on the family’s farm in Alberta.

Mrs Grams had never told her husband Norman, who died five years ago, that she lost the ring while weeding more than a decade ago and had long given up hope of ever finding it.

She was left in disbelief when the treasured jewel, which she had replaced with a much smaller ring, reappeared.

Ms Daley admitted she had almost fed the strange-looking carrot to her dog before noticing the ring while washing the vegetables.

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