Who’s the REAL cheater? Girlfriend uses secret camera to see if either of her TWO boyfriends will betray her with a hot model…

but the result is not what she was expecting. This is the moment a woman uses a hidden camera to spy on her two boyfriends to test their loyalty to her, despite neither of them

knowing about each other. The unnamed woman, who is believed to be from California, enlisted the help of YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater to find out if either of her

boyfriends would cheat on her, despite neither of the two men knowing about each other.

It starts with the girl saying she wants to put both of them to the test to see which one is more loyal but she doesn’t end up with the result she expected. She predicts that one of

her boyfriends will be unfaithful but does not let on who that will be.

The secret encounter was filmed by US YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater who were enlisted by a girlfriend, thought to be from California, wanting to see which one of her two

boyfriends was more loyal. An actress was enlisted to flirt with the two men and entice

them to go home with her and the unnamed girlfriend was left furious when one of them falls for the bait despite neither of her partners knowing about the other. The cheating

boyfriend even asks if the stooge is a prostitute while his girlfriend watches on a laptop in a secret location.