‘They are wearing the same clothes’ Help still not reached London fire victims 4 days on
THE victims of the devastating Grenfell Tower blaze are yet to receive any help from Kensington and Chelsea council, with reports suggesting that many of the now-homeless residents are still wearing the same clothes as the night they fled the flames.

Large amounts of food and other essential items have been brought by the public to centres near the scene in West London, but anger has grown towards the local council with volunteers criticising the apparent lack of co-ordination of official relief.In the wake of the blaze, in which at least 58 people are believed to have died, community workers have also gone hunting from hotel to hotel in search of residents who have been effectively abandoned by the local council.Authorities in Kensington and Chelsea have been accused of repeatedly ignoring safety concerns from residents of Grenfell Tower, and in the wake of the disaster, the council has yet to step up and provide any information or support to the victims.

For a community that has often described feeling like the forgotten half of the UK’s richest borough, residents’ initial horror and grief has now become mixed with anger and frustration at what organisers and volunteers say has been a damaging and painful official neglect. Ms Pond said: “It’s now too little, too late.“People have been asking questions for years and there is so much frustration.“It has reached a tipping point.” She added: “This is not a tragedy, because a tragedy is something you don’t expect.“This was inevitable. There were warnings, and now there needs to be answers.” Also speaking to Sky News, nurse Simone Williams described the moments the fire took hold as she arrived on the scene.Ms Williams rushed to assist at Grenfell after hearing sirens from her nearby home.The nurse, who was among the first emergency personnel to arrive, described tending to the walking wounded, with cases of smoke inhalation and minor burns suffered by the very first people to escape the burning tower. She said: “People had not grasped the gravitas of the situation until much later.“Nobody could have predicted how fast the fire would get out of control.“The fire went from really nothing into a massive blaze within hours.“I did not realise people had started getting stuck inside the building.”. 00FastNews. New source of news.