Let’s be honest: a lot of millennials suck. They overwhelmingly favor socialism, don’t know anything about money (and politics, if that wasn’t evident enough),

are the most unskilled generation yet while simultaneously being the most education, and despite all that,

they have the highest self esteem of any age demographic!

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, if they’re our future, we should all sell our stocks.

Above all, as you may have gleaned from their favorable view of socialism, they’re an entitled generation.

Just how entitled? As Fury News reported, it’s truly disturbing what has happened to our generation.

In the following video a punk was forced to pay for his own Xbox game by his Grandmother.

As a way to show his frustration, he decides to take out his rage in the most disturbing way as possible.

This is what happens when you raise a generation of self-obsessed, emotionally fragile children.

You give everyone a ‘participation trophy,’ you affirm their every belief, no matter how stupid, and we’ve raised a generation of little monsters.

Another source claims that the teen knocked out the old lady because he got impatientwaiting before her in line. That ain’t much better.