A bus driver in Fresno told one of his passengers to stop smoking his e-cigarette while aboard.

The man obliged, putting it in his pocket, where it proceeded to explode.

This is one of 66 reports the FDA has received about exploding e-cigarettes.

A man has horrific burns on his leg after his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket when he was on the bus.

The 53-year-old was told by the bus driver not smoke using the gadget while on the public bus, so he put it in his pocket.

CCTV caught the moment it exploded just a few feet from a woman who was innocently riding the bus.

As it explodes a huge fireball leaves the device, followed by a puff of smoke.

Man’s e-cigarette BLEW UP in his pocket as he sat on a bus 

The man was taken to hospital with third degree burns to his thigh and hand, although he expected to make a full recovery.