A bust of Winston Churchill is set to be restored to the Oval Office by Donald Trump.

The figurine of Britain’s war-winning Prime Minister – who was half American and was the only person to be granted an honorary passport – was taken out by Barack Obama in favour of a similar statue of Martin Luther King.

His decision to send the Churchill bust to the US Embassy in London caused outrage in Britain, with Boris Johnson labelling it a ‘snub to Britain’ and suggesting it was because of Obama’s ‘ancestral dislike of the British Empire.’

But the president-elect was asked by the New York Times if he would bring Churchill back to the White House, he replied ‘I am, indeed, I am.’

When it was revealed the Obama had removed Churchill, he explained in a press conference that he has a second one located in his private residence in the White House.

He said: ‘I see it every day, including on weekends, when I’m going into that office to watch a basketball game.