Thrift Store In Utah Finds Cat Hiding In Couch

A Utah woman is thankful her friend convinced her to donate her couch to a local thrift store instead of taking it to a dump, because her beloved cat was hiding inside when it was dropped off,CBS affiliate KUTV reported.

Brittnie Arroyo was helping her friend Rachel Barbee move on Saturday. Throughout the day they had been donating boxes of items to the Deseret Industries in Price, Utah.

When it came to getting rid of her worn couch, Barbee figured she should just take it to the dump because no one would want it.

“I was like just take it to the D.I., you never know,” Arroyo told KUTV. “She would have never seen her cat again if she would have taken it to the dump.”

Arroyo said they packed up the couch in the truck and had it sitting there for about 25 minutes before they took it to the thrift store. They didn’t hear a “meow” or anything from the male cat known as “Tiny One,” who was hiding in the couch.

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