Children are God’s gift to us and bear all his qualities and blessings. They bring us joy and pride and teach us valuable lessons on how to be forgiving and patient. They are valuable and have an important part to play in God’s kingdom. They have the power to bring about significant changes as they are the future.

America’s Got Talent, one of the most popular reality television series in the world, features thousands of comedians, magicians, dancers, singers, and other types of performers. They are of all ages and compete for the ultimate prize of a million dollars. Every series, a handful of performers leave an impression on your mind because of their mind-blowing performances. As the series goes on, it becomes harder and harder to convince the judges that you have the talent to make it in the entertainment field.

Darci Lynne, an adorable kid from Oklahoma City, decided to audition for the 12th season of the series. Even though Darci is just 12 years old, she managed to leave the judges, viewers, crowd, and host speechless with her mind-blowing audition. Simon Cowell, one of the hardest judges to impress on the show, called her audition “unforgettable.” The fact that even Simon was blown away by her performance shows us that she has the potential to be a star in the show.

However, Darci wasn’t alone during her audition for America’s Got Talent; she brought along her puppet for the performance. Her puppet is a rabbit that goes by the name Petunia. At just the tender age of 12, Darci Lynne is a ventriloquist.

On the backstage of the show, Darci explains why she became a ventriloquist. Two years ago, Darci was extremely shy and always found it hard to converse with people. However, to find her voice and get over her shyness, she started practicing ventriloquism.

Darci said, “It’s always been hard to talk to people. I’m not good at eye contact and things like that,” she says. “I thought the puppet is like a friend to help me along the way.”