Disgusted lawyer Kurtis Chadwick, 27, was horrified at the bizarre sight which put him right off his lunch.Mr Chadwick, who lives in Heaton in Manchester, was shocked to see the young woman relieving herself at the bus stop.

The woman pulled her trousers down, sat on the seat and had a wee.

Urine can be seen covering the seat and dribbling onto the floor of the bus shelter in Bolton, Greater Manchester.Mr Chadwick, who works for nearby claims management firm First Response, said: “I noticed there was something weird.

“The woman had her pants down and was sat there weeing through the seat.

“I think she was oblivious. I was shocked.”

Public weeNWNSDISGUSTING: The lawyer said he was shocked by the bizarre sight

The lawyer posted the image onto Facebook, where it was shared and liked hundreds of times.He said: “Bolton is a bit mad anyway but it’s not every day you see somebody having a wee at a bus stop.”

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