The Mayor of London was grilled because of the openly anti-Brexit views he has expressed in the past.BBC host Carrie Gracie questioned the motives that pushed Mr Khan to commission the reports, addressing his negative opinions on the negative effects Brexit

could have on Britain.She said: “Of course there will be critics who’ll say this is a case of you, with your well-known views on Brexit, commissioning research to confirm a pre-

existing opinion you held.” But Mr Khan rebuked the claim, saying he merely wanted to have an overview of what British industries should expect once Britain leaves the

European Union.He told the BBC Today programme: “I accept their opinion and I have been one of the biggest critics of so-called ‘Project Fear’ during the campaign.”But What I’ve actually done is to commission independent economists – who do work for the

Government, who work for the Bank of England, who work for the British Chamber of Commerce – to provide me with their expert assessment of the impact on various sectors of the UK based on a number of scenarios.”The Mayor of London also called on the British

Government to negotiate a special deal for London to protect the economy of the overall United Kingdom. He continued: “it’s in the UK Government’s best interests for you to know the consequences of scenarios A,B,C, D or E.The objective is to try and negotiate a

deal that’s less bad for London, less bad for the country.”And the reason why it’s so important is because whatever deal the government negotiates has a direct impact on the quality of lives of families across the country.”If the government continue to mishandle

the negotiations we could be heading for a lost decade of lower growth and lower employment.”It comes after a delegation of leading Brexiteers told EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier that “no trade deal was better than a bad trade deal.”Independent MEP Steven Woolfe said: “Our message was that if we don’t have an inclusive agreement for goods and services, the British public will say we should walk away with no deal.”