A shocking video has emerged out of Michigan after a man who was ordered to pay his parking tickets showed up with a pocket full of pennies to cover the court’s “processing fee”. The clip has now gone viral after the guards at the court decided that they didn’t like his payment method and gave him a horrific surprise instead. According to Crave Online,

Anthony Sevy, a resident of Michigan, got a parking ticket in Royal Oak. When Sevy showed up to Royal Oak’s 44th District Court to pay his fine, he was told by the clerk that he would have to pay a surcharge of $1.75 to the court as a processing fee. Honestly,

these kinds of “processing fees” are getting out of control. The guy just got a parking ticket, not a reckless driving citation, but the guards at the court went full rage monster as if they had a hardened criminal on their hands. Although the incident took place in

February, Sevy has now hired an attorney who is taking the court’s guards to task for their violent behavior. In the clip, the guards at the court can be seen getting physical with Sevy and using what most would consider an abuse of power. Sevy was allegedly

choked by one of the guards and his attorney says that as a result, he pooped his pants right there on the floor. “I don’t think that in everyday course of business, we poop our pants or go around defecating ourselves,” his attorney Jonathan Marco said. Every so

often, there are stories of fed-up Americans paying a court fee or IRS bill in pennies as a protest to how out of control some of our government agencies have become. It appears that Sevy is no different. The man wanted to pay the court 175 pennies, and when the

guards at the court didn’t like it, Sevy was confronted, assaulted, and thrown in jail.

It is a shame that this was all over a $10 parking ticket, but the reality here is that the guards at the court went a little too far. In the clip, Sevy didn’t raise his fists at anyone nor did he assault anyone. I’d say this is a case of a couple of power-tripping jerks who didn’t like that Sevy was about to unload nearly 200 pennies on the court clerk in protest. However, the last time I checked, pennies are still an accepted United States currency. Therefore, Sevy should not have been harassed, beaten up or made to defecate in his pants for trying to pay with them. When it comes to these kinds of issues, I’m usually the first to take the side of the law-enforcement officers, but in this case, I’d say they would have been better off just letting Sevy pay with his pennies and leave the court unharmed. According to Fox2, that is not what they did. So, it makes perfect sense that Sevy would lawyer up and sue the court. I would probably do the same. The old saying that “cooler heads prevail” definitely applies here. I’m not saying that Sevy didn’t have some choice words for the two court guards or officers when they confronted him about paying his fine with pennies. All the same, they should have realized he was frustrated with the court’s processing fees and just let him leave without the horrific mess that this situation turned into. Now, it appears that they may have to answer for choking Sevy and making him poop his pants. That’s pretty humiliating, and on top of it, he was thrown in jail. Someone is going to have some explaining to do when this goes before the judge.