ISLAMIST REFUSES to Let Police Officers Check His Bag – Immediately Gets a Harsh Lesson from the NYPD

This country has seen far too many Muslim refugees that come hear every year not grateful, but rather entitled. Probably they think it’s only natural to go in a foreign country and skirt the country’s laws, impose their own customs, and feed off the welfare state.

One case recently was especially noticed as one Muslim refugee got in trouble with the police and learned a pretty important lesson from it. Hopefully, he won’t make the same mistake twice, for his own good.

Hesham El-Meligy, an Egypt-born immigrant and founder of Islamic Civic Association on Staten Island, threw a childish tantrum when he was randomly selected for a bag check before boarding the Staten Island Ferry.

Due to his ridiculous behavior, police were forced to put El-Meligy in handcuffs.

El-Meligy INSISTED that the check was not at all random, and that he was selected because he’s an Arab and a Muslim.

The NYPD called him out on his faux outrage, noting that “many other people had their bags checked during that same time frame,” including whites, blacks and Hispanics.

Given that El-Meligy heads a Muslim activist group, it’s no surprise that he’d want to spark a media storm over his alleged mistreatment.

Well, he might have pulled that one while under Obama, but not anymore. The time when these people could get away with such behavior is over. He refused orders from the Police Officers and he quickly learned that he made a terrible mistake.

Muslim immigrants getting away with the “racist move” won’t be tolerated under this administration. President Trump made that perfectly clear.

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