GERMAN MEP Elmar Brok admitted Brexit Britain will continue to play an important role in the European Union’s attempts to combat trade sanctions imposed by US President Donald Trump.

Mr Brok conceded the European Union will need the help and support of Brexit Britain in order to survive US-imposed trade tariffs.

President Donald Trump announced hefty duties of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminium, despite protests by many in his party and some of his top economic advisors.

The German MEP said: “President Trump took measures against Bombardier in the UK and now he is imposing steel and aluminium sanctions against Europe.

“It’s only if we all stand together, including the British, we have a chance to counter that policy.”

Mr Brok told colleagues at the European Parliament that unity with Britain was a “question of survival” in the face of Mr Trump’s proposed tariffs.

He added: “The unity of Europe in such issues is a question of survival of Europe and Mr Farage must realise he is taking his country in the wrong direction.”

But Nigel Farage hit back at Mr Brok, launching into a furious rant against the “sheer hypocrisy” of the bloc’s complaints about the duties on aluminium and steel.

The notorious Brexiteer praised Mr Trump’s proposals saying: “At long last, you’ve met your match in Donald Trump.

“You may well scream and shout about his aluminium and steel tariffs, but the EU puts tariffs on 13,000 goods coming into it.”