‘Brexit is winning everywhere!’ Farage BRILLIANTLY dismantles Blair’s doomy predictions

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage dismissed Blair’s proposal of a second Brexit referendum at the end of the negotiations saying the former Prime Minister was wrong about all his past predictions.

Speaking in an interview with Euronews, he said: “The dream of Brexit isn’t just winning in the United Kingdom, it’s winning in Catalonia, Hungary, Poland and all over the European Union as we speak.

“There is a major historic change that I believe we’re not even in the middle of.

“Blair bases everything on a series of economic predictions and I would just point out he was wrong about the Exchange Rate Mechanism, he was wrong about Britain joining the euro, he was wrong -albeit non-economic- about the war in Iraq.

“People like him in the referendum saying dire things will happen, we’ve just finished the year of 2017 with growth higher than predicted, with manufacturing production at the highest for 30 years, foreign direct investments at record levels.

“I think Britain is doing pretty well.”

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